LO THE SHOUT OF THE FANGIRL'S DIBS... and all was good.
otaku gospel 4:20 (praise it)


Am I doing this right

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I wonder what Aidan Gillen does to prepare for all his scenes so his voice will get that raspy.

Aidan: “Sansa”…….no that’s not right

Aidan: “Saansaahh”….no, almost…..

*drinks a bottle of whiskey*,*smokes 10 packets of cigarettes*.

Aidan: "Saaansaaahhhhh"

Aidan: Yup there it is.

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MDD: Here is the sad, definitive, very clear breakup of Korra and Mako.

BK: I think we talked about it in a previous commentary about how the Asami-Mako breakup was a little too vague. We thought we’d-

MDD: -make sure it’s very clear.

BK: -put a nail in this one.

JdS: The cool thing is that as sad as it is, it’s very kind of real.

JZ: Especially with that hand.

MDD: I was very particular about them leaning their foreheads together after the kiss. That was very specific to my thought.

BK: And I like the lingering handholding.

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Would you like to stay for dinner? Would you like to stay forever?

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9.12 // 9.17

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